Europe’s successful lead battery industry is key to a green recovery       

Europe’s successful lead battery industry is key to a green recovery       

As the economy recovers post COVID-19, the EU- centric lead battery supply chain enables low-carbon economic growth

By Axel Lesch, Director, Environmental and Facility Management EMEA, Clarios

Recovering after uncertain economic times, businesses and policy makers all want to support recovery and growth. Europe has without doubt benefited from a secure and reliable battery value chain that is providing essential services and powering the economy.

From providing back up electricity to essential workers in hospitals, to supporting telephone lines as we work from home, lead batteries are playing an important role in maintaining essential products and services, and helping to move the economy forward. The EU Green Deal recognises that economic recovery needs to be renewable and sustainable moving forward and battery and energy storage is crucial to achieving a green recovery post COVID-19. The established lead battery value chain already delivers on the circular economy principles with almost all recycling occurring within the EU in a closed loop. Achieving a green economic recovery post COVID-19 remains vital and batteries produced in Europe form one of the technologies capable of  providing clean energy and supporting the move away from fossil fuels.

As demand for fossil fuels decreases, a low-carbon economic recovery is envisaged in the post-pandemic era. Batteries will continue to play a large role in energy storage, from storing the energy from solar panels and wind farms to enabling electric-hybrid vehicles. The lead battery industry continues to enable this shift to a low-carbon successful economy, supporting sustainable, low emission transport systems, energy supply grids and increasing vehicle hybridisation and electrification.

As we look to recovery in the future, this centralised supply chain is key to ensuring economic recovery and job growth. It’s vital as an industry that we continue to conduct important research, innovate and increase the capacity of this technology. Lead batteries charge the present and will continue to Charge the Future.

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