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Maintaining a high value battery industry in Europe – developing the lead battery value chain

In 2018 the EU set out its long-term vision for a prosperous, modern, competitive, climate neutral economy. As a high-growth industry, the lead battery value chain is key to achieving a low carbon economy. It's position as a core part of Europe’s industrial base is contributing significantly to the economy, supporting highly skilled jobs in science and engineering and underpinning its growth.

In the last five years, the sector has invested up to €2 billion in research and development into the next generation of advanced battery energy storage technology.

Europe can be a leader in a range of advanced, sustainable battery technologies

Europe is self-sufficient in lead battery raw materials, and the industry in the EU is globally competitive. Critically, it underpins and supports a vast range of strategically significant European industries from automotive through telecoms. Home-grown lead battery companies based in Europe are investing in ensuring the significant untapped potential for innovation in lead battery technology and applications is realised. These investments, with universities and research institutes, as well as companies, are in turn driving a thriving pan-European network of research and innovation across the region.

As a clean, green industry, lead batteries are already making an unrivalled contribution to the circular economy, all while achieving the high growth envisioned in the industrial strategy.

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