Renewable energy: the power to shape our future

Renewable energy: the power to shape our future

Renewable energy is key to achieving the EU’s low carbon ambitions, and high-performing lead batteries – made in Europe – provide reliable energy storage.

By: Andrea Saletti (M.Sc.), Technical Director – Lead-Acid Batteries, Midac Spa

Last year around 40% of Europe’s electricity originated from renewable energy sources, compared with 34% from fossil fuels. And EU-based companies such as MIDAC are making the advanced lead batteries that provide uninterrupted power supply that supports solar and wind generation

The European Environment Agency has calculated that the continent’s renewable power generation has doubled since 2005, and is now on par with coal and gas.

This has significantly decreased emissions and eased environmental burdens – a transformation that has been driven by the rapid growth in wind and solar power generation.

As the EU pours new investment into battery research policymakers can help ensure that all technologies that contribute to achieving the aims of the green deal are treated equally.

Renewable energy will without doubt be the dominant energy source in years to come, eventually overtaking fossil fuels. But this would not be possible without the battery technologies that support it. As wind and solar power are intermittent, energy storage is needed to balance grids and save surplus energy.

Demand for energy storage is predicted to triple by 2030 and lead batteries are one of two technologies with the capacity to help meet this requirement. Which is why Europe’s advanced lead battery manufacturing capability is critical to achieving the EU’s long term carbon reduction goals.

MIDAC manufactures lead batteries used in solar and wind generation, through its companies in France, Germany, the Netherlands and Sweden. With the growth in demand for renewables, comes growth in demand for energy storage, and thus demand for technologies needed for energy storage. The European lead battery supply chain is a strategically autonomous industry – one that Europe can rely on to support its energy storage needs.

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