The lead battery value chain embodies the European Commission’s ambitions for a green and sustainable future

The lead battery value chain embodies the European Commission’s ambitions for a green and sustainable future

Lead batteries support EU competitiveness, and will make a significant contribution to Europe’s climate-neutral ambitions.

By: Lisa Allen, Regulatory Affairs Manager, International Lead Association

The EU Industry Days are currently discussing:

  • Making Europe’s industry climate-neutral by 2050;
  • EU competitiveness in the changing global competitive landscape;
  • Shaping Europe’s digital future.

Achieving Europe’s industry climate-neutral by 2050 will require a significant increase in electrification and increased renewable energy production. A significant increase in battery energy storage will be required to meet the ambitious goals set by the European Commission. This increased demand cannot be met by one technology alone.

By balancing power grids and saving surplus energy, battery energy storage represents a reliable means of improving energy efficiency and integrating more renewable energy sources into electricity systems.

Lead batteries exemplify the fundamental principles of eco-design: they are designed to be recycled at end-of-life. Lead itself enables clean energy in Europe, from ensuring the long-term affordability of solar power systems to providing water protection, longevity and corrosion resistance for offshore wind cables. This is a sustainable industry, committed to innovation and achieving all the principles of the circular economy. Lead itself allows for other materials to embody circular economy principles and is a key enabler of metals recycling in Europe.

Lead batteries can contribute to the EU’s competitiveness in the changing global landscape. With disruptions to supply chains caused by COVID-19, the strategically autonomous lead battery value chain can be relied upon. Lead is not a finite resource, and this endlessly recyclable material can be relied upon when shortfalls in supply chains of other technologies occur. By relying on the lead battery value chain, Europe can forge ahead in the electrification and energy storage landscape.

And lastly, Europe’s digital infrastructure is backed up by lead batteries, Vital, everyday functions are supported by lead batteries in data centres and telecom towers. As Europe goes digital, it can rely on lead batteries made and recycled in Europe.

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