The multi-billion Euro industry ready to deliver on EU’s low carbon aims

The multi-billion Euro industry ready to deliver on EU’s low carbon aims

By: Karsten Kurz, Director of Environmental Affairs Europe, Exide Technologies

New economic data from the United States (US) gives us an indication of how the lead battery industry worldwide is growing and changing.

The economic impact study shows that in the US there has been a huge 20% jump in direct new jobs in the lead battery industry as demand for the technology continues to grow.

Here in Europe the lead battery industry supports more than 20,000 direct jobs across 15 member states, with many more sustained through products and businesses linked to the industry. European lead battery sales represent more than 20% of worldwide lead battery sales, that’s over €7 billion.

The EU has been focusing on creating a battery eco-system in the EU to strengthen its global position and create some of the most advanced sustainable batteries in the world – a programme we strongly support. As a European lead battery industry we can build on the secure foundations of a technology that has stood the test of time and is investing in the next generation of advanced technology.

And let’s not forget that lead batteries deliver on the core principles of the circular economy: more than 90% of those collected are fully recycled at the end of their life and a new lead battery is made up of more than 80% recycled material.

Some of the solutions to a carbon free Europe are closer to home than some might realise.

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